Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Beware the Norwegian and his "linux" loving ways

Sometimes you see arguments on the internet that we all have a personal stake in.  In this argument over an obscure operating system called "linux" (which is only used in tiny pockets of the world on very unimportant computers,) we have a warning for any of you that may ever deal with a Norwegian.

Man Driver, you should not take too much offense to anything Viking60 says - his suggestion WAS offensive, but he does not care. The reason that you should not take offense is because it will do no good.

You see, people like Viking60 have very serious neurological problems that make them unable to converse and interact normally with other people.

Most likely, his personality defects can be traced to his German heritage.

You see, even though he is in Norway he is almost certainly part German.

It is a known fact that during World War II (after the Nazis rolled through Norway's defenses like a speeding bus through a flower garden) German soldiers raped every man, woman, and child on a daily basis for the duration of the five year occupation. Now, this might sound worse than it really was. It turns out that the woman of Norway, while initially against the idea, began to enjoy and even welcome the raping as it made up for certain "shortcomings" suffered by the majority of the native Norwegian males.

I don't want you to get the wrong idea here, it is not like Norwegian males stood by and did nothing during all of this. The men of Norway are a sensitive bunch and they were known to stand by until the rape(s) were completed and then they would eagerly volunteer to orally clean up their woman. Sometimes they would cut out the middleman (so to speak) and deal directly with the German soldier in question.

To this day Norwegian men get erect and start salivating when they hear the German language.

Of course, there remained a percentage of Norwegian men who had no interest in this and were embarrassed by this process. Lacking the strength of will to either endure or resist, most would just go up to a German soldier and identify themselves as a Jew in order to get efficiently gassed or shot. Few mourned the lost souls who resorted to this.

This could have altered the gene pool of forthcoming generations had the Norwegian male still been a part of that.

So, you have to cut Viking60 some slack. He cannot help that he is a naziyngel. He is the grandson of a Nazi stormtrooper (there is no way of narrowing it down to less than thirty candidates), and as such he is not very personable.

He is at peace working with Linux; the majority of his preferred peer group have similar histories.

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  1. Dammit man, quit beating around the bush, go ahead and speak your mind!