Monday, December 19, 2011

True love is hard to find - without craigslist

Everyone knows that craigslist is the best place to purchase dialysis equipment, food, Rolex watches, and used underwear.  But did you know you can find true love there too?  I didn't.

Check out this heartwarming post:

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Because Tom Cruise is NOT Gay!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Spider: Nature's Handmaiden or Tool of Satan?

I was having a vigorous debate with a local Wuss the other day.  Here is a excerpt:

Scott: I fucking hate spiders.  They should all die.

Wuss: Spiders aren’t so bad.

Scott: If I ever got godlike powers, they would all die.

Wuss: Spiders are beneficial, they eat other insects you know.

Scott: So we are keeping spiders around so they will eat the other insects?  Fuck them too.  I’ll buy an extra can of raid.

Wuss: You can’t get rid of the spiders, they are an important part of the ecosystem.

Scott: The fucking Earth will adjust.  The planet didn’t fucking implode when the last dodo died, did it?

Wuss: It would cause some sort of problem.  What would the birds eat?

Scott: They can eat each other for all I care.  Were the birds crying for me when they stopped making Dino Pebbles cereal?  I don’t fucking think so.  Ok, I can compromise.  I would just have a radius of 25 miles around me that any insect closer than 25 miles would instantly vaporize.

Wuss: Get serious.

Scott: I am serious; I’m talking 25 miles up and down too.  I don’t need bugs under my feet.  And fuck vaporizing them, I don’t want to be breathing bug fumes – they all get instantly teleported into the center of the sun.

I think I got my point across, don't you?  

Also, here is a poster that neatly sums all this up: