Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Porn at work?

I read where a some guy got fired from his job for what he was looking at on the internet.  No, it wasn’t porn – just girls in bikinis.  That is harsh.  But if someone complains – nowadays you got real problems.

It just makes me think – what is the Internet usage policy at say a place like Hustler?

At Hustler corporate headquarters, is someone going to complain if they walk by your office and see a split beaver on your screen?  

If you are the guy in charge of photoshopping the cellulite off of Lindsay Lohan’s crotch – you may end up fired as well as blinded.

If they *do* have a “relaxed” attitude there – is there anything that *is* out of bounds?  What would you have to do to test the limits at Hustler?

They may even be encouraged to “monitor” the competition.

Someone walks into your office and finds you fapping to porn – you just tell them that you are working and to come back in three minutes.

That also makes me wonder…  at a normal business like say McDonalds corporate headquarters, they have people who taste the products, try them out, report back, etc…

Is there a job like that at Hustler?  Do they have a group of horny guys that they feed these pictures to.  To see which ones “work” the best?  Just fapping all day for money . . .

I want that job. I’m ready to give up my amateur status.  Draft me boys! 


  1. What?? Comic Sans MS??? MY EYES!!!! IT BURNS!!!!!!!!

  2. What is this comic sand you speak of?